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Mac & Me


While this usually surprises people, I used to loathe Macintosh computers. It was the 1990s, and not only were they not insanely great, they were insanely slow. 1 I was a PC guy. Windows for life.

Or so I thought.

When I first saw the iMac, I thought it was a fun design. But wasn’t it just a toy? When I first saw OS X, I thought it was beautiful. But again, was it just visual candy? It wasn’t until I moved out to California that Apple really entered my life.

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The best relationship is when you can completely act yourself and they can still love you for who you are.

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The New iPhones bring down stock price

Apple announced two iPhone variants this year - iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S. And in another first, Apple’s stock went down for the first time after a new iPhone announcement.

In my opinion, markets, as often lamented, are irrational. Yes, the two iPhone variants are lackluster and lack much in terms of innovation, new features or enhanced capability. But Apple’s stock price should have gone down when they gave demo of iOS 7 a few months back.

From a hardware standpoint, the market and tech analysts thinks 5 inch or larger screen size is good and key to good sales. Some even want Apple to consider a phablet with 6-inch screen size. In my view, this is simply incorrect. While phones with a screen larger than 5-inch may appeal to some customers, it’s not the soft spot for all of the smartphone market. Apple’s hardware is pretty close to perfect, therefore they should focus on innovation on the software side which even with a ‘close to flat’ design in iOS 7 lacks many of the multi-tasking, file browsing and customization features offered by Android.

iOS is already a more safe platform compared to the malware-ridden Android. Now only if the OS becomes more capable to match Android in terms of features and functionalities, Apple would have the best of both hardware and software worlds once again.

Not all is, however, lost. In terms of wearable technology, Samsung Gear has been unimpressive. So Apple has a chance to take that market by storm if they launch their ‘iWatch’ with good hardware that retails for around $150-$200 and possesses a week’s battery life.

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Economic Mismanagement by India’s UPA Government

With the Indian Rupee in free fall due to bad fiscal management and poor economic decisions like the Food Security Bill (FSB) taken by Congress led UPA govt in India, I wrote these lines to describe the mess:

FSB लाके कांग्रेस ने भरी चुनावी हुँकार
लुड़कते रूपये में मचा और भी हाहाकार
कांग्रेसियों की सोच में ही हैं िवकार
सोने की चिड़िया बेच दी भरे बाज़ार

(The lines above are my creation and I assert my moral right to be identified as the author of this work)

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It’s okay if you don’t know much about women; but know this: The higher the heel, the higher the maintenance.
Some Wise Man

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Could this be the next concept car from Maruti Suzuki? Hope not.

Apart from the latch that caught your eye, also notice the playboy stickers on the windows

Could this be the next concept car from Maruti Suzuki? Hope not.

Apart from the latch that caught your eye, also notice the playboy stickers on the windows

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Privacy Concerns around Social Apps

We live in a world where privacy is a big issue. From what we search to the data we share on social networks to the places we visit, there is always a concern regarding the potential misuse of that data.

In this background, I find it a little weird that the use of Social Reading apps on Facebook is growing and hardly anyone is bothered about that information being visible to all. Social Reading apps like the one prepared by Washington Post (and many others) let users read articles within Facebook and what they read is immediately shared with their contacts on the social network. Dailymotion has launched a similar app that lets you watch videos within Facebook. The image below has been prepared by combining a few screenshots from Facebook’s iPhone App.

Of course there are ways to prevent this sharing but the very idea behind these apps is instant sharing, something that Facebook calls ‘Friction less sharing’. I don’t use these apps for this very reason. As the image above shows, it is not a very good idea to let your friends know what you are reading or watching. 
Strangely, people don’t seem to be bothered. And that is good news for Facebook which obviously benefits from availability of more and more of user data in public domain.

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