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Privacy Concerns around Social Apps

We live in a world where privacy is a big issue. From what we search to the data we share on social networks to the places we visit, there is always a concern regarding the potential misuse of that data.

In this background, I find it a little weird that the use of Social Reading apps on Facebook is growing and hardly anyone is bothered about that information being visible to all. Social Reading apps like the one prepared by Washington Post (and many others) let users read articles within Facebook and what they read is immediately shared with their contacts on the social network. Dailymotion has launched a similar app that lets you watch videos within Facebook. The image below has been prepared by combining a few screenshots from Facebook’s iPhone App.

Of course there are ways to prevent this sharing but the very idea behind these apps is instant sharing, something that Facebook calls ‘Friction less sharing’. I don’t use these apps for this very reason. As the image above shows, it is not a very good idea to let your friends know what you are reading or watching. 
Strangely, people don’t seem to be bothered. And that is good news for Facebook which obviously benefits from availability of more and more of user data in public domain.

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